2007…an interesting year.

2007…an interesting year.

In 2007 I taught at Fl Bliss for various military units. I was at the cusp of realizing I was far gone from RMA, Kadochnikov Style, but still wrestling with the elements of what worked and what did not.

At this seminar, unbeknownst to the participants, I decided Pramek was not ready for public release…

I was seeing areas that would become equilibrium, the CLM, more functional wedging, etc. But, in true 480 style from 2007, the seminar was filmed in it’s entirety.

After this seminar I taught once more because I was booked, in Washington state…and then stopped teaching publicly until 2011.

It took 4 years to figure out where things were and were not, weaknesses, how to be open to what I was doing right and wrong.

But, it was still a great seminar.

Many systems would be happy with their lead instructor being able to perform like this – but I wasn’t.

Can you spot the beginnings of Pramek?

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