John Landry // Director of Organization ; Law Enforcement / Op C Training

John Landry is our Director of Organization and Director of Law Enforcement and Operational Combatives training.  As Director of Organization, John oversees the organization structure and development and programs such instructor development.  As Direct of Law Enforcement Training and Operational Combatives he is focused on our law enforcement training efforts, combining his decades of years of law enforcement training experience with Pramek to bring new programs to the law enforcement world through various content such as manuals, seminars, and videos.

Detective (Lieutenant) John M. Landry, Ph.D. is a retired Police Officer who still serves as reserve detective and state certified police Instructor. In addition, Dr. Landry is an adjunct University Professor, and published author based in South Florida, and formerly served as the Director of a Law Enforcement and Corrections Academy in Central Florida.  In 1988, Dr. Landry began his career in the security, personal protection, and law enforcement fields. He has been assigned to federal, state, and county task forces focusing on smuggling, organized crime and auto theft. He has also served in almost every assignment in law enforcement such as a State Emergency Response Team member (E.R.T), street patrol, criminal investigations, and training where he has taught virtually all high liability and use-of-force topics. Furthermore, he has operated undercover in narcotics and white collar crime investigations.

Dr. Landry has served as a police instructor since 1995, and is certified as a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor (Rifles-Shotguns-Pistols), General Topic Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, TASER Instructor, Chemical Weapons Instructor, Impact Weapon Instructor, Firearm Retention Instructor, Handcuffing Instructor, and Reality Based Training Instructor. Dr. Landry created his own police combatives system, Modern American Combatives, which he has taught to several police agencies. Dr. Landry currently is the Director of Law Enforcement Training/Operational Combatives for Pramek Adaptive Combatives.

Dr. Landry has trained with some of the best instructors in martial arts, firearms, and combatives to include the Crucible’s Iraq Pre-deployment course. His employment has taken him throughout the United States as a state law enforcement agent and as a member of local, state, and federal task forces. Dr. Landry has trained side-by-side with military personnel while attending tactical courses when he served as a member of a state Emergency Response Team (ERT).   Dr. Landry has been involved in the martial arts since 1974 when he started as a child training in Judo at the local YMCA. His studies include many different styles and systems to include SAMBO, Japanese Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, Hapkido, Kenpo, the Filipino arts, and a few of the Chinese styles. Dr. Landry has earned black belt ranking and instructor level certification in several arts and has been teaching martial arts since 1989.

He also has earned a Doctorate degree in Education and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Dr. Landry’s research emphasis is on practical and efficient training methods for law enforcement officers, martial artists, as well as military personnel. His academic experience includes teaching at many accredited universities in the fields of Counter-terrorism, Criminal Justice, Crime Scene Investigation, and Education. Dr. Landry earned a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis on law enforcement learning and training. Dr. Landry’s dissertation focused on the learning styles of law enforcement officers and how to deliver training content to police in the most effective and efficient method possible. and was running a criminal justice university program ultimately becoming an Associate Dean of Legal Studies for a private university in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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