Adaptive Combatives

   Adaptive Combatives

Martial art and combatives is the study of anthropology.  As we evolve and society progresses, so to must the methods with which we are taught to defend ourselves, on the street, in sport, and on the battlefield.  Adaptive Combatives is the scientific study of martial art, combining Pramek’s Combatives system with the Conceptual Learning Program, the most innovative training program to be taught in decades within the martial art and combatives world. [MORE]



  Conceptual Learning Method








  Force Focus Applications (FFA)

When seconds count, training matters.  Too often training is to a standard but left lacking in substance. Pramek’s Force Focus Applications Program, led by division instructor Aaron Cowan offers innovative training by teachers who are field tested and recognized as some of the top in their field.  From Active Shooter response and precision rifle to tactical medicine, the FFA programs are bar-none the best in the world. [MORE]

  Health and Fitness

In today’s fast paced world, your health and fitness level come under strain from the demands of daily life.  Pramek’s Health & Fitness programs combine science with tried and true education, teaching diet, injury recovery, movement health, weight lifting, and functional fitness.  Whether you are a mom looking to lose weight, a sport fighter looking to perfect your game, a soldier looking for more accuracy on the move, or a weight lifter looking for a new way to lift – we offer the best. [MORE]


Mind Body Violence (MBV)

What if you could spend a day with a violent criminal?  What would you ask them?  Security goes beyond your home alarm or mace in your purse.  Security is a mindset.

In reality, to know a threat, to see a threat, and engage the threat is the only way one can truly be secure.  In this sense, Pramek’s MBV, or MindBodyViolence is true reality based self-defense.   [MORE]