Somewhere, anywhere…

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Don’t kid yourself…you need to get outdoors. More than a decade of running a successful online business, selling a brand or two, teaching around the world, and holding a full time career and advancing like I have…it takes a toll. It’s a toll once can’t describe unless they’ve had the feeling anxiety hit at the […]

La Luz

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Each year people flock to the La Luz Trail ( in the Sandia Mountain range of NM.  I look at the range right outside of my part time home, Albuquerque (trying saying that 10 times really fast).  I’ve done La Luz up and back (16 miles) in earlier fall and let me tell you…it’s not […]

CLM and Sword Work

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Instructor Cody Skillen, of Winnipeg, works through sword drills utilizing the CLM. Listen closely to the instruction! Here’s some notes from Cody: Most ‘systems’ are technique menus in need of reverse engineering to revive the essence of them. to do this you need to develop proper practice. A good drill has a few criteria 1) […]

Interviews with Matt

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Matt is still teaching, still training.               If you want to hear new interviews with Matt, it’s easy…. Click here and listen to lots of new interviews with Matt. All of these interviews are about the brain, neurology, learning, and training! You’ll find out how much Pastless applies to […]

2017…an announcement about Pramek.

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Friends… 2016 comes to an end and I wanted to give you a report on it and make some really important announcements. This year you’ll notice was not an active year compared to years past.  2007-2015 were slammed with content, video releases, seminars, 200 videos on Youtube, manuals, instructors, coordination with great companies like Sage […]

Fixed vs Folder

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Pramek’s own, Dr. John Landry’s, new article on the concepts behind a fixed versus a folder.  We have a video about this releasing soon, but this is a great article to get your mental juices flowing. A lot of people have said, ‘But I can’t carry that where I live’ and here’s our answer to […]

CLM 4 is coming.

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CLM 4: The State of Action The concept of having a student teach another student is one as old as learning. A teacher looks to students to fill knowledge gaps that either the teacher does not have time, or capacity, to fill. In a large classroom environment with a high quantity of students, a teacher’s […]

Pramek FL – The Wedge

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Dr. Landry of Pramek Florida demonstrates the wedge with students. He begins by demonstrating the basic wedge defense, and then moves toward a more combative approach to the wedge – wedging to the vagus nerve, forcing the head back, defending against the round house.  Dr. Landry looks deep in his teaching at West Palm Combatives […]

The Pulse (free video)

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If you’ve never seen the Pulse, be ready to understand why Pramek is such a different system of training than any other. While many systems talk about ‘biomechanics’ and ‘efficiency’, Matt breaks down the concepts into easy to understand bites in this video from 2012 – detailing the nature of energy, efficiency, and movement in […]


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Answering another question from the Pramek System Facebook about the reality of the standing rear naked choke in street fights and combatives. Dave demonstrates and explains a reversal, and then they discuss sport fighting versus reality, and the reality of standing versus seated rear naked chokes.