Notes on the podcast

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    Podcasts are amazing as they expand our message and more people find out about the work of Pramek.  It also invites criticism, some just, some not, and trolls…and I posted a few comments on our Facebook.  I’ve gotten more feedback and I feel some of the comments made warrant a further extent. Fitness […]

Matt on WeLikeShooting!

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  Make sure you go to We Like Shooting to listen to Matt’s interview! Matt like you’ve rarely heard him – direct, blunt, candid, and a lot of words for the martial art industry on what realism is, what real training is, and a lot of laughs! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

Detroit is open…

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Congrats to the Detroit Pramek Group for their first class. Make sure you go by our Detroit group’s page, say hello, and if you’re in the area…attend a class.          

Pastless is training the human mind

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Make sure to check out Matt Powell’s newest venture, Pastless, at Pastless is training the human mind – as Matt takes what he’s learned in nearly two decades of training with the top teachers in the world, as well as his own teaching, and showing how to change one’s brain for a better life. […]

Edged defense

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What’s the reality of edged weapon defense, empty hand and with a handgun? Check out the newest video from Pramek and Sage Dynamics, 27 minutes in length, to find out.

Knife attack defense

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There are a lot of ‘demonstrations’ of knife defense drills online, but very few are realistic. Usually the situation is perfect, the video highly edited for the perfect example, the student is smaller than the instructor and well coached on how to act, there is little to no true resistance.  The knife attack defense is […]

A loss…

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Last month Pramek lost a great student, influence, and friend. I met Barry Ostean when we were kids.  He was my brother’s best friend.  One of my earliest memories of Barry was driving back from hunting with him and we ran over a skunk.  It was the smelliest ride I have ever had the displeasure […]

Talking Lead…

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Matt is back on Talking Lead! In this hilarious episode, Matt and Lefthand run the gamut with knife defense, spring break as kids, the nature of anger, and the new way to solve combat: rock, paper, scissors! Click here to tune in! Want to hear more of Matt on Talking Lead?   Check these episodes […]

A training abyss…

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When you are no longer learning from a teacher, coach, or trainer, it is very tough. I write this article from a personal standpoint – I’ve been there with a system, and a teacher. It becomes like a bad relationship as resentment grows. It is common to say in gambling someone stayed at the table […]