Available now: The Helix, Part 1 of our movement efficiency video series!

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Volume 1 of our 3 part Efficient Movement Series.

Available now!!!

The Helix covers standing movement – from biomechanical theory, full body warm ups, to efficiency exercises and then partner drills!  Over an hour of indepth explainations and demonstrations!

This video shows standing movements in depth!!!!


Indepth explaination of biomechanical principles

Full body warm ups – covering every joint and part of the body – from the fingers to the toes! Indepth demonstration and explaination of Pramek’s warm ups!

Respiratory coordination for movement

Developing full range of motion in joints

Efficiency exercises:  combining and cordinating all parts of the body from the warm ups

Walking, stances, and much more

Power generation and recruiting all of the joints and muscles in movement!

Partner drills – putting the exercises into action!

Using movement to strike, clinch, kick, knee!

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