Pramek’s greatest video

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It’s the end of 2017, and 2018 holds limitless possibilities. But, sometimes, it’s good to reflect back on where we have been. Pramek has been a long journey – it’s not always been easy, but it’s always been fun. Over time the extra footage we have is massive and, somewhat, embarassing. When you’ve filmed hundreds […]

Creating space…

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This week Matt goes through creating space in a frontal bear hug or grab! Matt and Kristina cover the basics… 1) Creation of space; 2) Attacking the face to create further space and secondary attacks for the face; 3) Escape.. Footwork is key here, folks, so we continue to discuss footwork throughout. There are two […]

Shop is back up

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The shop is back up.  Unfortunately, our main-site SSL provider went out of business and we were just notified in the past day – so we have resolved it.  If you made a purchase in the few days the shop was down, don’t worry – all of our information is held off the main site […]

A Message from Matt

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Matt’s back. In over a year we’ve only released a handful of new videos as Matt took time off to work on  As those around Pramek knew, Matt was eventually coming back. And now, he is…

A sneak preview

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Is that…a new video? Next week, new Youtube videos arrive from Pramek, heralding the release of CLM 4 and two new for-sale videos in time for Christmas…we’ll be leaking some information about these for sale videos and CLM 4 quite soon.  Until then, make sure you’re caught up on CLM 1, 2, and 3…and, might […]

Instructor? Or Demonstrator?

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One of the hardest questions a student can ask – am I learning from an someone who teaches, or is a good demonstrator? In this video Matt walks you through some of the basics on how to identify each. As we close in on CLM 4’s release, and the changes to Pramek coming as 2018 begins […]

2018 Seminar Course List

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The 2018 Seminar Course List is finalized! Looking to bring Pramek to your school? Our courses, taught by Matt Powell, David Dempsey, or Dr. John Landry, are not just seminars – they are experiences.  Down to the minute, these 10 hour blocks of instruction are designed to give the most information in the shortest amount of […]


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Inspiration is a picky thing for me.  There is so much to be inspired by, just take a few minutes on Youtube, but inspiration can lead to distraction.  I am always a little weary when I feel inspired by something…art, music, a book.  Recently I finished Blood Meridian, Or The Evening Redness in the West […]

Your Human Nature

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Recently I was reading an article about space and how humans should be looking for our species to survive in space, past earth, as one day earth will be inhabitable.  In the comment section a comment read, ‘Why? We’ll just screw those places up too…it’s human nature.’ It got me thinking…what is this ‘human nature’ […]

Pramek comes to Toronto!

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Pramek comes to Toronto for the first time with a Combative Sciences weekend to help kick off our newest training group, Pramek Toronto This two day intensive seminar will cover combative sciences – theory, movement, application, as well as Pramek’s CLM learning system. During this exciting workshop we will cover the basics of human equilibrium, […]


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If you bought our video, Organizing The Fight (, you might have noticed a really strong guy who was my training partner throughout. Arash has been a Pramek stalwart for a long time, and what he lacks in graceful mechanics he makes up in heart and power. So, it is with a swollen heart that […]