Matt teams up with Dr. John Landry, an over 20+ year law enforcement veteran and well-known defensive tactics instructor, to talk about what do you do when the pistol doesn't fire. Handgun self-defense doesn't always include a round successfully discharging. When there is a failure, you...

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The Swarm

If you haven’t seen this video, and it’s not for the faint of heart of a Walmart shooting, please watch it for reference on this post.

I don’t post things like this often, and perhaps I should do more analysis of current videos, as I tell everyone to look at the internet for mental modeling of fights. My intent is not to second guess the officers…I wasn’t there. This post is instead to put forth the idea of what is occurring.

Groups of people are living organisms beyond the individuals themselves.

The officer on scene seemed to have the situation under control. It escalated from controlled arguing and a good control position to a complete mess when the second officer came in and penetrated the swarm.

What do I mean by that?

Swarms, what we call situations like this in Pramek, tend to react like bees or hornets or ants. They are a group that is leaderless. Swarms are different than a pack, which has a leader. They are fine as they are, they control their area, but when penetration to the swarm is made it reacts. It stops the confidence of the group and causes complete chaos, as the group confidence is broken and members begin to fight on their own or scatter. This swarm was penetrated…instead of using the swarm as a controlling measure – letting it stay where it is, working around it, controlling it ontop of itself.

When reason meets procedure…


If you’ve read the CLM on conceptual learning, you know when I talk about procedural based learning (PBL) I have certain views on it.

One area where I truly believe in and practice it is in firearms.

The fine motor skills required to operate a firearm require PBL.  There is no question when you watch Aaron Cowan that PBL is the primary ingredient to firearms mastery.  Unlike martial art, firearms mastery is a different animal when it comes to neurology and how you learn.