The Pramek basement: simunitions

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Pramek spans beyond martial art, combative, and movement training and explores our science through a variety of means. Over the weekend, while filming a new video series, we took the Simunitions FX equipment into Matt’s basement for a force on force study of on-cover and off-cover techniques. The relationship between Pramek and Sage Dynamics is […]

In-depth Drill: Firearms

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In this video, Sage Dynamic’s Aaron Cowan and Pramek’s own, Matt Powell, evaluate a three-dimensional drill created by Andrew Nechetsky. Or copy and paste:   This drill focuses on the possible realities of a three-dimensional confrontation in which threats present from more than one direction.  This drill is further complicated by the presence of […]

Shooting and the idea of center mass…

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Friends Over the weekend we hosted our first Weapons Mastery Series class in Atlanta…a success, our FFA instructor Aaron Cowan taught an amazing 8 hours of Handgun Fundamentals.  400 rounds and blisters later, we left exhausted and challenged.  Video’s coming soon 🙂 I have often spoke of why we have divisions within Pramek for instruction, and it […]