Joint Mobility

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The 5 Movements


Efficiency in movement has been a buzzword in the martial art world for a long time, but recently has fallen by the way side as many instructors look toward teaching something more easily explainable.

For example, efficiency in movement is not as easy to discuss as joint mobility.  The concepts behind the two are similar…each has to do with being able to physically act without physical pain.  But, joint mobility is something much easier to diagnose through a process of seeing what level of flexibility a student has…versus ‘do you movement efficiently?’  Weight lifters are all too familiar with the concept of efficient movement.  They must executive each segment of their lift with breathing, structural alignment, muscular timing in mind.  But, for someone who is teaching general concepts, going this indepth into movement and teaching efficiency with students who may have a short attention span, or who have arrived at class expecting a workout or technique training session…the teacher can quickly become overwhelmed with the individual need of students.

Instead, we should look more at teaching movement efficiency in a more palatable way – everyday living.