A Message from Matt

Matt's back. In over a year we've only released a handful of new videos as Matt took time off to work on  As those around Pramek knew, Matt was eventually coming back. And now, he is...

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We may be a little quiet, because Pramek is moving. That's right, Matt is moving west...

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The TMA MMA Combatives divide.


I remember when the argument first started on forums.  It’s an age old argument but technology has forced it to change.  Instead of seminars or magazine reader write-ins, it had shifted to the digital space.

‘Mixed martial art is more effective than traditional martial art.’

‘A traditional martial art master can overcome any mixed martial art fighter because of time of study.’

‘Combatives can’t be trained full speed, so who wants to learn it….we are better off with sparring and MMA!’

It was always a strange dichotomy – how do we reconcile the Alpha and Omega, and the Nu in between?  Everyone argues about the validity of the other…which is a fence post I have tried to walk for a long time.

Combatives is the basis of all martial art.  Look past it’s current iterations and to it’s meaning – it’s fighting for your life.  Simple, effective, quick to learn.  Our ancestors didn’t have a martial art, they had tools around them they made weapons, used them against their enemies, and figured out the quickest way to win.  From kung fu to pankration, Applegate to Pramek Adaptive Combatives…it’s all about simplicity and making it work.

Martial art was combatives turned into a learning style…over time as cultures needed a means of passing on to the next generation not only their style of survival fighting, but the intricacies they found in training.  They used martial art as a means of teaching what they found worked, how they found it worked, and how to pass it on in an organized manner.

MMA was what many considered the eventual evolution of martial art….the blending of styles.  Why do all kicks when someone may grapple?  It was, and is, what many consider to be the highest form of martial art – as it blended styles of martial art for the competitive ring where no holds barred…style against style.  Therefore, it must be the highest level of martial art.

But is it that simple?

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The Frolov Device

Famous American Martial Arts instructor recognizes the power of breathing exercises Matt Powell, a successful martial arts instructor from the USA kindly shared his experience on using the Frolov device: «I began using the Frolov device in 2000 in coordination with my martial art training. I heard it mentioned by a teacher of mine and decided to buy one. I noticed...

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EP 23: Rounding the Edges with Paul VanDunk

[su_note note_color="#d3d3d3"] Episode 23: Rounding the Edges with Paul VanDunk  If you're never seen Paul VanDunk shoot, you might not know what speed is. Respected by other instructors and students, Paul VanDunk is a master of firearms mechanics and making students fast. Movement, refining movement, mastering mechanics...

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What is training….smart?

When we decided to make Defense Around Vehicles, it was to answer a question:  ‘What does Pramek look like in a fight?’

After 16 years, I can tell you: it looks like training smart.

It’s a conundrum that has affected reality based combatives for a long time.  Carl Cestari, an amazing teacher, used to be heckled for not having full out fights in his seminars.  He would say the methods are just to dangerous to train full out, so one must focus on technique.  The introduction of sport fighting has helped RBSD in the past decade, from Retuinskih’s work with ROSS and combining sambo, or working jiu jitsu into the Army’s combative’s program to give a fuller sense of training through sport fighting.  

But, it has also been protective equipment, such as Red Man, High Gear, and now the highest level of training gear, Spartan Training Gear that has begun to allow for the training of RBSD (sans a lot of eye strikes due to helmets) in full force training.

When people asked me, ‘What does Pramek look like in a fight, we started with Against The Wall, and moved to Defense Around Vehicles.  As we acquire more gear from Spartan, we will make more videos, including an upcoming pistol retention combatives course with Sage Dynamics and another close quarters video for Pramek.

Those who buy the video will see what it looks like, as we move beyond most big production/system videos who show technique, but do not suit up – I, and students, suit up, and fight.  But, what does Pramek look like in a real fight? READ ON!