Talking Lead…

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Matt is back on Talking Lead! In this hilarious episode, Matt and Lefthand run the gamut with knife defense, spring break as kids, the nature of anger, and the new way to solve combat: rock, paper, scissors! Click here to tune in! Want to hear more of Matt on Talking Lead?   Check these episodes […]

New shop products

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        A while ago someone asked me, ‘Matt, what supplements and equipment do you use?’ Anyone who has seen me lately knows that I’m leaner and more focused than I have ever been. Diet, workouts, training, learning…they all play an important role.  But, supplements play just as an important role.  As we […]

Onnit Academy

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Our coordination with Onnit Academy is now even higher as our founder Matt Powell has passed Level 1 Certification for Onnit Academy. Be on the look out for Level 3 courses Matt will be teaching for Onnit, as well as new instructionals Onnit will have by Matt for combatives how-to’s! This road began years ago […]

Cruiser Ready Releases

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Mission Specific Fitness Presents: Cruiser Ready, Levels 1, 2, 3. Designed by cops for cops, Cruiser Ready is over 42 exercises specifically designed to create a functional fitness program that law enforcement, civilian shooters, fire fighters, and first responders can use to increase: 1. Increased range of motion and power generation, while remaining ‘Sciatica Safe’ […]

The 5 Movements

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Efficiency in movement has been a buzzword in the martial art world for a long time, but recently has fallen by the way side as many instructors look toward teaching something more easily explainable. For example, efficiency in movement is not as easy to discuss as joint mobility.  The concepts behind the two are similar…each […]

The lie…

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There is a slippery slope in training that most don’t recognize, and that is bragging about who you train. This goes for anyone – martial art, combatives, health and fitness, firearms, LEO, whatever it may be. Your reputation is your currency in the training world – and far too often people let marketing to make […]