Pramek at Wolf Fitness Systems [video]

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Friends We really owe a lot of thanks to Wolf Fitness Systems for an excellent seminar…and I’ll be returning quite soon. But, just a little bit ago ESIK Productions uploaded a video of the seminar I didn’t even know what made…! It’s video of a few parts of our seminar set to some great music […]

Shearing: The push/pull method (video)

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The push/pull method of breaking balance is a popular one – but doesn’t always work effectively. Many use it, but in real life, it crumbles under the stress of a resistant enemy or opponent. In this video from our recent Salinas, CA seminar at Wolf Fitness Systems, we show the steps to effectively using the […]

How to properly teach technique…

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Friends, How does one properly teach a technique?  This is one of the primary questions we work to answer in Pramek’s CLM: In Pramek’s EPL, we look at martial art learning from a different point of view. The majority of martial art traditions are taught based on Procedural Learning, which is teaching a technique […]

Taking pride in your work…

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Do you take pride in your work? I’m fortunate to have patient students. Your students are your mirror – they show every scowl, every scar, every bruise, every problem.  Or they show every laugh line, lesson learned,  every ‘light bulb’ moment. Do you have a broken mirror?  Do you have a mirror you don’t like […]

The lie…

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There is a slippery slope in training that most don’t recognize, and that is bragging about who you train. This goes for anyone – martial art, combatives, health and fitness, firearms, LEO, whatever it may be. Your reputation is your currency in the training world – and far too often people let marketing to make […]

Depth Perception

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Friends First, happy holidays!  It was a great day today in Atlanta for Thanksgiving…as in, way too much food. We posted a video on Youtube about The Wedge and Footwork.   One of the things we discuss in the video is depth perception and I’ve had a lot of questions about depth perception in terms […]


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Welcome to, home of the Pramek Survival System. Here you will find information on Pramek, it’s history, as well as the latest on training and products releases. From health and fitness to combatives and self-defense, Pramek has been taught to various military units, private security groups, executive protection professionals, police forces, and civilians around […]