Seminars and Events

2018 Seminar Course List

The 2018 Seminar Course List is finalized! Looking to bring Pramek to your school? Our courses, taught by Matt Powell, David Dempsey, or Dr. John Landry, are not just seminars - they are experiences.  Down to the minute, these 10 hour blocks of instruction are designed to...

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F3: Firearm Focused Fitness

Are you training your neurology to be better on the gun? Matt Powell of Pramek and Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics combine for the first firearms focused fitness video. It's all about getting faster, stronger, and more accurate using specialized exercises designed around firearms. [su_button url="" target="blank"...

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Course List Announced

We are happy to announce the Pramek course list has been revised and courses have been added for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015.  These seminars are at low prices for the high quality education that takes place.  We have added new additional advanced...

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Seminar Footage: Ground Movement with Weapons

In this video, Matt Powell, while teaching at Pramek Cleveland, demonstrates different types of ground movements with weapons. This is not meant to be direct firearms instruction, but how to utilize weapons training to reinforce proper movement mechanics.  In the online and social media world, 'rolling'...

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Pramek Master Class: Levers


We are proud to announce December 14th, 2013 Matt Powell will be teaching the first Pramek Master Class on Levers at Wolf Fitness Systems in Salinas, CA.

A Pramek Master class is an intricate study of the fundamentals of Pramek with students who have attended multiple seminars and developed a foundation of understanding of Pramek, how it is taught, and how it is used. We invite any student to attend this class, as it will be an eye opener as Matt takes the group through the theory of levers and combatives to stand up and ground fighting lever uses, and many topics in between.

New Pramek Instructors

Congratulations to the first ever Level 1 Pramek instructors. These new instructors are a great representation of what we do, and although they might not always get it perfect, they get it.  They get Pramek. Combatives, movement, science, being a teacher and not a demonstrator, innovation, honesty. After...

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