Knife attack defense

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There are a lot of ‘demonstrations’ of knife defense drills online, but very few are realistic. Usually the situation is perfect, the video highly edited for the perfect example, the student is smaller than the instructor and well coached on how to act, there is little to no true resistance. ┬áThe knife attack defense is […]

knives: the knife.

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The video people have asked for for years… Topics include -Types of knives and the most dangerous kind. – New ways to look at fighting with the knife and defending against one -The fundamentals of knife fighting. -Types of knives and the most dangerous kind of knife -Using a knife like a firearm to stop […]

Women’s self defense mechanics

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You can’t just push into the chest. Many times we see women (and men) being taught to strike at the chest or push into the chest…but this doesn’t stop an attacker, only pause them. Women’s self defense requires more tactical understanding. In this video, Matt works with Sarah Jamieson from on proper striking targets.

Spartan Training Gear review (indepth)

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Spartan Training gear is refining the way combatives is taught…from martial art spot to simunitions, Spartan Gear raises the standard of what today’s training equipment is. In this video, Matt takes his own personal gear, from the helmet to the leg protection, and everything in between and shows you the in’s and out’s of the […]