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Protective Gear – a discussion

Recently we had a discussion on our forum about using protective training gear. When we put up raw footage, a lot of people were surprised we actually were using head gear!
My question is – why wouldn’t I?

Anyone who thinks you can learn to get hit in the head, or a student can learn to hit you in the head full impact…without training gear…should be hit in the head.
So, this is from our forum (and will show you what you’re missing!)
I’m not a big fan of full body suits unless bats, batons, etc, are being used. The body is very different from the head.
You can heal from a cracked rib from training, I have.
You can’t heal from a cracked skull. I’ve suffered two concussions in training.

I learned one thing…a healing injury sustained in training is a liability in a real fight.