Fixed vs Folder

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Pramek’s own, Dr. John Landry’s, new article on the concepts behind a fixed versus a folder.  We have a video about this releasing soon, but this is a great article to get your mental juices flowing. A lot of people have said, ‘But I can’t carry that where I live’ and here’s our answer to […]

Science. A head start.

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  Recently I read a post by an MMA instructor stating, ‘Why are people making things more difficult than they are?  Punch someone in the face…a punch is a punch, a face is a face.  It’s not all this biomechanics and thought.  Don’t overcomplicate what you are doing.’ I chuckled, wondering how many times this […]

Knife attack defense

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There are a lot of ‘demonstrations’ of knife defense drills online, but very few are realistic. Usually the situation is perfect, the video highly edited for the perfect example, the student is smaller than the instructor and well coached on how to act, there is little to no true resistance.  The knife attack defense is […]

knives: the knife.

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The video people have asked for for years… Topics include -Types of knives and the most dangerous kind. – New ways to look at fighting with the knife and defending against one -The fundamentals of knife fighting. -Types of knives and the most dangerous kind of knife -Using a knife like a firearm to stop […]

What is Transitional Lethal Tactics

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Welcome to TLT…Transitional Lethal Tactics. Dr. John Landry, who gained his PhD in adult learning and was editor for two our our CLM manuals, has more than 25 years of law enforcement experience, spanning from patrol to detective, undercover, SWAT, and law enforcement academy director. Dr. Landry and Matt (our founder) have coordinated together for […]

Applying The Gear

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Movement’s like we teach in, when applying The Gear, and in our upcoming (sssshhhhh!) movement program are all about application. Whether you are moving the body to keep it young or moving the body to survive in a combat situation – controlling the body is vital. In Part 3 of the 4 part Tactical Movement […]

What if you are attacked at your vehicle?

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Defense around Vehicles has arrived.  What if someone tried to assault, carjack, kidnap, or rape you at your vehicle? What would you do? We take video instruction to a whole new level, with ‘Training Freeze’, lectures, real world scenarios with Spartan Training Gear, and the most up to date methods of surviving an attack at […]