Science. A head start.

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  Recently I read a post by an MMA instructor stating, ‘Why are people making things more difficult than they are?  Punch someone in the face…a punch is a punch, a face is a face.  It’s not all this biomechanics and thought.  Don’t overcomplicate what you are doing.’ I chuckled, wondering how many times this […]

A training abyss…

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When you are no longer learning from a teacher, coach, or trainer, it is very tough. I write this article from a personal standpoint – I’ve been there with a system, and a teacher. It becomes like a bad relationship as resentment grows. It is common to say in gambling someone stayed at the table […]

knives: the knife.

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The video people have asked for for years… Topics include -Types of knives and the most dangerous kind. – New ways to look at fighting with the knife and defending against one -The fundamentals of knife fighting. -Types of knives and the most dangerous kind of knife -Using a knife like a firearm to stop […]

What is Transitional Lethal Tactics

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Welcome to TLT…Transitional Lethal Tactics. Dr. John Landry, who gained his PhD in adult learning and was editor for two our our CLM manuals, has more than 25 years of law enforcement experience, spanning from patrol to detective, undercover, SWAT, and law enforcement academy director. Dr. Landry and Matt (our founder) have coordinated together for […]

New shop products

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        A while ago someone asked me, ‘Matt, what supplements and equipment do you use?’ Anyone who has seen me lately knows that I’m leaner and more focused than I have ever been. Diet, workouts, training, learning…they all play an important role.  But, supplements play just as an important role.  As we […]

The Haymaker

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I often have students who fear a confrontation with a bigger opponent…they ask, ‘what is a bigger guy swings at me?  How do I defend against the haymaker from some huge guy?’ Let’s look at communication first…. From the interwebs…’Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, conducted several studies on nonverbal communication. He found that […]

Virtual Class: The Elbow

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Beginning our new series, Virtual Class is HD instruction from weekly classes in Atlanta. Ranging from 30-45 minutes in length, shot with HD cameras and students cameras, these videos are indepth, organic, and sometimes hilarious instructional’s on a variety of topics. One question we are often asked, ‘How does Pramek use the martial art elbow?’ […]

Women’s self defense mechanics

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You can’t just push into the chest. Many times we see women (and men) being taught to strike at the chest or push into the chest…but this doesn’t stop an attacker, only pause them. Women’s self defense requires more tactical understanding. In this video, Matt works with Sarah Jamieson from on proper striking targets.