Warrior Mode Releases!

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The first in the Warrior Mode Series for Pramek, this biomechanics focused training is led by Pramek Fitness Lead Coach, Erik ‘Esik’ Melland (click for bio). In Warrior Mode Basic Training, Erik takes the student through a person, detailed program of bodyweight exercises compiled into a series of routines in a system Erik has created […]

A choice

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A great article from Pramek Instructor Level 1, Dennis Zijlstra, of Holland: ‘We train. We make jokes, and laugh. We giggle while we punch, or get punched.We sweat. We train… and are having fun…each week again. The best part is that we are learning. By trail and error. By falling and getting up again. But […]

Joint mobility…buzzwords versus results.

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What is joint mobility? I have recently been inundated with questions about this topic, about moving efficiently versus inefficiently, what is joint mobility? We see it everywhere…’joint mobility.’  The buzz word so often used to describe…what? That one can rotate their joints? Maybe they can stretch further? Perhaps some really cool exercises that look difficult? […]