Fixed vs Folder

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Pramek’s own, Dr. John Landry’s, new article on the concepts behind a fixed versus a folder.  We have a video about this releasing soon, but this is a great article to get your mental juices flowing. A lot of people have said, ‘But I can’t carry that where I live’ and here’s our answer to […]

Can you survive?

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Can you survive an attack at the vehicle? In this excerpt of one of our most popular videos ever, Matt and a student walk you through what it takes to survive an attack at the vehicle. Remember, join the newsletter for 25% off before you buy! Prepare to survive when a car jacking, kidnapping, or […]

Women’s self defense mechanics

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You can’t just push into the chest. Many times we see women (and men) being taught to strike at the chest or push into the chest…but this doesn’t stop an attacker, only pause them. Women’s self defense requires more tactical understanding. In this video, Matt works with Sarah Jamieson from on proper striking targets.

The Rule of 25

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The 25% Rule of Pramek is our guiding rule in combatives. Will we always obey it?  No. But we can always train to it. Many combatives and martial art systems focus on the threat at hand, thinking little of what happens after the threat is addressed.  Many forget they need a reserve. By training to […]

Levers in Ground Submission

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We’ve had some questions about the ground fighting video on Youtube. Leverage on the ground is vital to submission and escapes, but the word ‘leverage’ is composed of ‘lever’ and in this seminar we taught various classes of levers in both stand up and ground fighting. In a Pramek guard to lever submission, we rely […]

Takedown – free instructional video

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As we gear up to begin releasing new videos for 2014 and close down filming for 2013 (we released a lot of material this year), we wanted to share one more free instructional on Youtube on leg attacks and the screw. One common question at seminars that we get is, ‘Yea, but does that takedown […]

How to break thru a boxing defense…

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In this video from the ‘Combative Striking’ clinic at Wolf Fitness Systems, Matt Powell demonstrates using a three point strike to break through an opponents upper frame hand position. Try it with a training partner, you’re sure to find positive results.  As Matt explains, this is a committal strike – best used with a short […]

Combative Striking – reduced price!

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For a special time, our 4 hour series, ‘Combative Striking’ is only $49.99. That’s 4 one hour videos for the price of some company’s one video. Available now for purchase and download at If you’re a newsletter subscriber, it’s even less! Over 4 hours of instruction on Combative Striking, this video takes you from […]