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Mission Specific Fitness Presents: Cruiser Ready, Levels 1, 2, 3.

Designed by cops for cops, Cruiser Ready is over 42 exercises specifically designed to create a functional fitness program that law enforcement, civilian shooters, fire fighters, and first responders can use to increase:

1. Increased range of motion and power generation, while remaining ‘Sciatica Safe’ and strengthening the back and lower lumbar
2. Enhancing joint mobility to give you greater movement potential, strength, and flexibility
3. Movement coordination, getting quicker in and out of vehicles, and quicker on mission with fast paced exercises and drills

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In this product you get:
– Level 1 video – Kettlebell exercises for power generation & range of motion
– Level 2 video – Steel Club exercises to enhance endurance and joint mobility
– Level 3 video – Movement Drills – movement drills combining Level’s 1 & 2
– CR Manual – 13 pages of explanations, a full lexicon of Cruiser Ready work outs
– Three 5 week sample workouts to follow with detailed instruction
– 3 Audio MP3 Lectures on MSF

This is a full workout routine that will challenge beginners and advanced students, while working specifically to make your better on the job and on mission.

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