DPT Course

Directed Perceptual Testing Course

Directed Perceptual Testing, or DPT, is perhaps the toughest progressive testing format in the martial art world.  This course explains how to test students, and push students to their limits…so that they find new limits with Directed Perceptual Testing. Pramek’s CLM is designed to educate teacher’s and students of martial art on a new way at looking at martial art studies.

Subjects Covered                                                                                  

How to test the EPL process
The process of the Directed Perceptual Testing
Combative problem solving
The nature of the warrior
Drill do’s and don’t
The fallacies of most martial art testing
Monitor and Control
The false goal of flow
Conceptualization of martial art
How to set training goals
How to build a scenario
Finding weaknesses in less than 5 minutes by one process
How to prevent the ‘choke’ in performance

Recommended Equipment                                                                    

Note pad and pencil/paper
Hydration and snacks to last 8 hours
3 different colored highlight markers
Training clothing – shirt, pants, cup
Mat appropriate footwear
Martial art style specific weapons
Eye protection
Basics safety equipment
Knee and elbow pads
Sidewalk chalk

Course Specifics                                                                                       

Cost: $100* (minimum 8 participants)
Duration: One 9 hour day
Location: Indoor ventilated room, or outdoor location with shelter

*Course cost reduced with multiple day attendance

Contact info@pramek.com for more information or to schedule a course