EPL Course

Efficient Perceptual Learning Course

Efficient Perceptual Learning, or EPL, is based on years of research and defines goal orientation and learning in combat.  Based upon  the CLM Manual 1, this seminar takes  participants through all phases of learning, helping you quickly learn martial art by first understanding how you learn.  Pramek’s CLM is designed to educate teacher’s and students of martial art on a new way at looking at martial art studies. This course teaches a new method of learning martial art for a life time.

Subjects Covered                                                                    

Understanding the philosophy of the EPL
The true nature of martial art and how to realize it
Physical sciences in martial art, including physics, biomechanics, physiology
Combative neurology
The EPL – and how it functions and the pit falls of contemporary procedural training
How we learn from infancy to adult life
Utilizing fine and gross motor skills
The stages of learning martial art
Step by step processes of taking a student from new to advanced
Goals orientation in combat
Learning Martial art in every day life
Making combat slow down
Target acquiistion for varying effects
Become truly formless – but through a scientific process

Recommended Equipment                                                                    

Note pade and pencil/paper
Hydration and snacks to last 8 hours
3 different colored highlight markers
Training clothing – shirt, pants, cup
Mat appropriate footwear
Martial art style specific weapons
Knee and elbow pads
Sidewalk chalk

Course Specifics                                                                                       

Cost: $100* (minimum 8 participants)
Duration: One 9 hour day
Location: Indoor ventilated room, or outdoor location with shelter

*Course cost reduced with multiple day attendance

Contact info@pramek.com for more information or to schedule a course