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Over an 1 hour and 45 minutes of instruction, from inside on the mat to the outdoors!

Available at http://pramek.com/shop/videos/ground-transition/

‘&’ is the ‘&’ in The Helix & The Gear. & covers ground transition. Come along for over and hour and fourty five minutes of fast paced, personal instruction with Matt Powell as he covers the theory, movement, and applications of ground transition.

This video shows standing movements in depth!!!!


Indepth explaination of biomechanical principles

The psychology of the transitioning to the ground

Falling safety and efficiently

Weapons in ground transition

Indoors and outdoors rolls – examples of what applies to both areas

Pramek’s unique roll education method – start rolling efficiently from the start

Protecting the body, face, and joints in ground transition

And so much more….

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