EP 19: A Life of Valor with Jeff Bramstedt

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Episode 19: A Life of Valor, with Jeff Bramstedt.

Jeff is a former Navy SEAL, Hollywood stuntman, teacher, pastor, and founder of the ministry sweeping the nation applying SEAL values to men’s issues: Life of Valor.

Taking his incredible life experience, from being abandoned at birth to his years in the SEAL Teams, Jeff brings an entirely new different perspective to concept of being and living like a warrior.

This week we have a two part, two hour indepth interview with Jeff with topics including:

  • The three keys to training a SEAL anyone could use
  • How to start everyday with success
  • Faith in the real world of operations and friendships
  • Creating warriors and warrior mindset
  • What is ‘the standard’ and how to demonstrate it
  • Child rearing – the SEAL way
  • As well as the making of Lone Survivor, fitness, shooting, and so much more…

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One thought on “EP 19: A Life of Valor with Jeff Bramstedt

  1. Awesome stuff! I follow “Bram” and he gets it. Nicely done. Looking forward to other Podcasts in the future.

    John Beltz

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