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The laughs

I’m fortunate.
I got done doing what I love, security consulting today in Vancouver. And then, it was over to do something I truly love: teaching Pramek.
Here I am – in Vancouver, teaching.
Next month – in Ontario.
The next month – LA, a private training week with a lot of professionals.
People are paying me to do what I love.
It’s been a long time since people made fun of me with throwing shovels and Russian camo. Back then, in the late 90’s, early 2000’s, all of my friends thought I was nuts. They didn’t realize how much I really loved what I was doing – and how much I wanted to get better and better and better.
And teach better and better. All I wanted at that time was to be the best at teaching people what I knew. I’m still not there, but I am closing in.
Now, the only person is laughing as me – as I get to do what I love.
The truth is you can’t let anyone push you back, slow you down. We are winners, champions, scientists, teachers of self and others, role models and model breakers.
We are only what we want to be.
The questions I often ask myself, looking back at years of training – is, ‘Where will Pramek go?’ We are just getting started….we have so much to share, so much to show.
So much has been done over the years and now we get to begin showing it, teaching it to others – and developing it further.
Here’s to our future, and yours….

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