Matt, where’d you go?

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From Matt:

Over the past month the biggest question I have had is: ‘Matt, where are you?’

When we released Pramek’s old site to the public in May, it was admittedly – piecemeal. It was a good site and a good start. We rocked a lot of the RMA and combatives world with our concepts and got the ball rolling. The videos have been a success and we’ve worked hard.

2012 – to me, will be the year of Pramek for the martial art world. People who have never seen or heard us will come to know us.
The problem was – making sure we were ready.

We had some setbacks – we were still DVD, and that made for a logistics nightmare. Our site was slow and cumbersome – with too many pages and too much information (which I am known for). Our DLP was unorganized at first and we had to race to organize it. We had some people join Pramek that didn’t fit into our vision and we had to let them go.

But, we did our first international seminars, nailed down commitments for our first European seminars, schedule for more US seminars, and our videos were well received by everyone who purchased them. We’ve gained some great students, set up schools in Canada, started strong groups throughout the US and Europe. And I was able to truly show the world what Pramek is.

We worked hard and developed some key alliance.
HeroesTactical, a great distribution company that allows us to push our system into new areas.

KeyIntel Media, which is the best video production company out there – a company that sees my vision and to their own headache, they give me the freedom to shoot the way I want to.

SpetzGear – which has become our sister company, has helped us to begin developing our own equipment line and I’m happy to be able to help with the design of some of the products, while helping push the products to a larger group of people.

And now, FlexedMedia, which is one of the top innovative web firms in the world who has joined with Pramek to create a new online presence that will reshape the way martial art is portrayed online. What do you expect from the firm who does the UFC HD site?

Now we moved into the second Phase – releasing Pramek to the masses.

I had to take a few weeks off and stop – evaluate – look at my chokepoints – look at where we were strong and where we were weak. I had to make sure that we were focused on key areas and teaching properly.

But, that time has passed, we have worked through those main areas and now, we are back, stronger than ever.

It’s time for Pramek…


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