New Pramek Instructors

New Pramek Instructors

Congratulations to the first ever Level 1 Pramek instructors.

These new instructors are a great representation of what we do, and although they might not always get it perfect, they get it.  They get Pramek.

Combatives, movement, science, being a teacher and not a demonstrator, innovation, honesty.

After training with myself, leading strong training groups, constantly working hard to further the education of their students and others, helping to develop Pramek further in their writings and research, and most importantly…working hard every day to be a good teacher of all of their trades, including Pramek, Pramek has elected to promote these students to Instructor Level 1.

They represent the US, the UK, Israel, and Holland, making us finally an international company in instruction.  If you would like to train with them, check out ‘Start Training Now’ on the HOME page and fill it out.  They will contact you to get you going.

We will post our instructor level requirements for all of our students nationally so they can see how to work toward instructorship in Pramek.

Congratulations, this is a true milestone.  If someone had told me years ago we’d be creating instructors, I would have chuckled.  I never imagined Pramek growing at this level, and having such great people willing to take the mantle and teach our programs in their schools and groups.


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  • James Kilday

    I am interested please keep me posted.
    I am a Systema Instructor from Scotland

    October 10, 2013 at 07:00

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