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  • clm1

    CLM Manual 1: Efficient Perceptual Learning


    Quick Overview :
    Pramek's CLM is designed to educated teacher's and students of martial art on a new way at looking at martial art studies. The first in the series, the EPL, or Efficient Perceptual Learning, is a new way to learn martial art.

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    CLM Manual 2: Directed Perceptual Testing


    Quick Overview :
    The second in the CLM, the Directed Perceptual Testing, or DPT, is perhaps the toughest progressive testing format in the martial art world. This manual explains how to test students to their limit and find their new limit…

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    CLM Manual 3: The Teacher and The Student


    Quick Overview :
    The third installment of the Conceptual Learning Method series, 'The Teacher and The Student' is a collection of CLM based essays by Matt Powell on how to best build and maintain the teacher student relationship.

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    Interactive Manual Bundle


    Get Breaking Balance and Combative Rotation for one low price!  Over two hours of instruction and 40 plus pages of diagrams and illustrations, as well as details physics instruction!

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    Combative Rotation: Interactive Manual

    $15.00 $12.00

    Combining over an hour of video instruction with pages of indepth physics study, easy to understand explanaition and diagrams, follow Matt Powell as he explains and demonstrates how physics apply to combat and martial art.

    This manual is applicable to any martial art!

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    Breaking Balance: Interactive Manual


    Quick Overview :

    The first interactive manual from Pramek, 'Break Balance: The Science of Equilibrium' will quickly become a martial art classic.
    Fully portable in Adobe reader, this manual combines the written word with video.

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    The Pramek Wedge Manual


    Quick Overview :
    The Wedge manual covers the theory behind the video, 'The Wedge.'

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    The Final K-Sys Manual


    Quick Overview :

    This manual is over 80 pages, with over one hundred illustrations and diagrams. The book covers the history of the anthropological development of the Kadochnikov System, the theoretical basis of the system, combative biomechanics, and instruction on how to apply these in combat.