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  • pulse_1

    USB Drive


    Not sure about digital download? ┬áThat’s ok, we’ll send you a USB for an added $10 (includes S&H).

  • Sale! elbow2

    Virtual Class Bundle

    $40.00 $35.00

    Looking to catch up on virtual class?
    Get them all here. 4 hours of training…one low price.

  • 432339_431051866948331_1240909228_n

    Conceptual Learning Method Bundle


    The Conceptual Learning Method…everything, all in one package!

  • Sale! h&fone

    Pramek Fitness

    $150.00 $100.00

    6 instructional videos for functional fitness – for one low price.

  • screen_shot_2012-10-11_at_11.50.35_pm_1

    The Wedge Bundle – 6 products for one low price


    Quick Overview :
    6 products – one price. The Wedge – Pramek's basic tenant of combative physics. It can cut force and it can hold force open at the tip….all while protecting the base.
    The Wedge Bundle is the perfect way to get started with Pramek's Wedge and understanding Combative Physics

  • Sale! 6090359007_c401179ff3_z

    The Striking Bundle

    $175.00 $125.00

    Quick Overview :
    Learn to strike and defend against strikes, all while being efficient in this series.
    Combines some of our most popular products and will show you Combative Physics like you’ve never seen them before.

    Over $150 in value, only $100 for limited time.

    Combative Striking 1
    Combative Striking 2
    Combative Striking 3
    FAQ on Product Downloads (must read)
    The 25% Rule
    The CLM: DPT
    The CLM: EPL
    The Screw
    The Wedge
    The Wedge Manual


  • Sale! pulse_1

    Combative Physics Bundle

    $175.00 $125.00

    Learning Combative Physics has never been easier, with this all in one package of videos and manuals to get you started.
    Over $150 in products, for $100 for a limited time!

  • Sale! different_joints

    The Movement Series

    $125.00 $75.00

    Quick Overview :
    In each video, Matt Powell shows the science behind movement – with diagrams, white board drawings, and then demonstrates how each piece of science integrates into your movement….now, we’ve put them together in one bundle for you.

  • clm1

    The CLM Bundle


    Quick Overview :
    These manuals, the first in a 5 part series, will bring your learning to a new level, and your testing to a realistic level to hone your abilities. The CLM is Pramek's teaching methodology. In this bundle is two manuals, the EPL and the DPT. The EPL, or Efficient Perceptual Learning, is our book on a new way to learn martial art. The DPT, or Directed Perceptual Testing, is Pramek's Testing Method.

  • first_lcas_lever_head

    The Pramek Set


    The king of Pramek products…

    Every Pramek product for one low price!