Organizing The Fight


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Volume 1 in the CLM Video series, Organizing the Fight is a deep dive into making the complex simple.
Over an hour of indepth lectures with thirty minutes of demonstrational industruction, this is the proverbial firehose.

The CLM is Pramek’s universal teaching method, comprised of how to learn, how to teach, and how to test retained skills. In this video, Matt Powell dives deep into the concepts of how to learn, teach, and organize combat. By training correctly from the beginning, focusing on the right methods and weapons, and having the right drills – combat becomes less complex and more controllable.

Includes a free copy of ‘CLM 1: Efficient Perceptual Learning’ our first Conceptual Learning Method manual.

Topic include:

The firehose: How fights become complex and how to make them simple
Organzing the fight with the EPL: using the EPL process to organize your training, classroom, and fighting
Intention vs. Distraction: Knowing how to focus intention and attention, while avoiding distraction, the king of chaos
Becoming a mechanic: How to view combat
Goals to methods and Strategizing: Picking the winning strategy and goals
How to work fast and get combat over with quickly
Innovative exercises and drills you can use to challenge students tonight
Demonstrational Example: striking
Demonstrational Example: a mallet
Demonstrational Example: a lever
Demonstrational Example: chokes and grabs
Demonstrational Example: pain compliance
Demonstrational Example: HEq
Mechanical concepts and how to find the intricate elements of fighting
how to see when a student is missing the elements of success and how to fix them
Fitness and it’s role in creating a thinking fighter

and much more.

This is not a DVD – it is a digital download. Please read our terms and conditions.


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