Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself….

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From Matt:
We are always so serious – punching people, drawing diagrams, shooting guns, doing some sick self-defense moves, talking about serious issues.
But, we also film everything. We constantly film at Pramek – if there isn’t a camera going, there’s something wrong. We catch jokes, moves, new thoughts and concepts….and sometimes things like this are created to make fun of us when we’re being all serious.
Amazing how you can take the lecture I was doing and make it seem so – stupid. It’s awesome.
Serious, would you rather be fed bullshit by some guy with a fake orange tan who’s got a fake hip?
Have fun with this video from our version of Stanky Leg, courtesy of Craig Murrary our video genius, and student/IAP member Chris Edmiston.

filmed with the Canon T2i and edited in Adobe Premiere

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