EP 22: Spartan Up with Marc Joseph

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 Episode 22: Spartan Up with Marc Joseph 


When you create the best gear in the world for reality based training, you learn a thing or two.  This week, we talk to Marc Joseph, creator of Spartan Training Gear, to learn what that thing or two is.

As the creator of Spartan Training Gear, Marc has traveled the world teaching reality based combatives, seeing how people act when attacked, defending themselves, and using every bit of it to make some of the best gear in the world.


In this week’s episode, Matt finds a ‘chi machine’ and talks to Marc about:

– The history and design of Spartan Gear
– How Spartan Gear aids in training
– The mindset behind scenario training and how it affects students
– The After Action Report: what Marc has learned about reality based self-defense
– The flinch response, what strikes work, how to guide students in training…and much more.

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