Takedown – free instructional video

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As we gear up to begin releasing new videos for 2014 and close down filming for 2013 (we released a lot of material this year), we wanted to share one more free instructional on Youtube on leg attacks and the screw.

One common question at seminars that we get is, ‘Yea, but does that takedown work spontaneously, against an unwilling opponent.’  Since we are doing a lot of work with Sage Dynamics on some new programs, we decided to gear up with simunitions and see if the take down could be blocked, and how many shots could be delivered on the ground before the defender could pull his firearm and fire.

As you will see, the takedown is very effective – then we teach you how to perform the take down, and how to kick with the same movement.  Enjoy, and please share!

(or copy and paste: youtu.be/qxbXeyyZFNM)

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