Teaching CLM

Directed Perceptual Testing Course

The Teaching the CLM course teaches a student and teacher how to educate and become teachers.  Taught by Matt Powell, this course is a deep study into the EPL and DPT,  giving valuable insight into learning, teaching, neurology, habit development, psychological roadblocks in training, and other obstacles teachers and students face.

Subjects Covered                                                                                          

Nature of the student/teacher relationship
Recognizing student types
Teaching principle versus procedure
How to develop a teaching style
Optimal training communication
Overcoming psycho physiological logical filters
Identifying student learning pairs
Student Learning Types
Student Learning Profiles
Balancing the Cone of Experience
Creating and stopping student frustration
Basics of the EPL
Basics of the DPT
Class goal selection
Habit development
How to run types of classes
Group instruction
…and much more

Recommended Equipment                                                                    

Note pad and pencil/paper
Hydration and snacks to last 8 hours
3 different colored highlight markers
Training clothing – shirt, pants, cup
Mat appropriate footwear
Martial art style specific weapons
Eye protection
Basics safety equipment
Knee and elbow pads
Sidewalk chalk

Course Specifics                                                                                       

Cost: $225 (minimum 8 participants)
Duration: Two 9 hour days
Location: Indoor ventilated room, or outdoor location with shelter

Course cost reduced with multiple day attendance

Contact info@pramek.com for more information or to schedule a course