The Helix & The Gear

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The Gear and the Helix

As we prepare to release our new video series, The Helix & Gear, I wanted to explain to people what it is.

The Helix & Gear is what our logo is – it’s where the mechanical meets the physical. It’s an expression of physics and mechanical concepts combined with our ability to move – creating an application (in this case it’s a logo). The helix down to our DNA is a part of man – our movement is governed by it’s concepts. The gear is our interaction with the ground – created by our rotation in friction with the ground.

There have been a lot of movement videos over time – but as anyone who has Equilibrium or The Wedge will tell you, we make very thorough applicable videos. This one will be no different – it is over 3 hours of material.

Video 1 – Standing (the helix)
Video 2 – Ground Transition (&)
Video 3 – Ground movement (the gear)

Movement is very personal – I was honestly a little uneasy with having a camera analyze my movement so closely…and then to teach people how I move, show them how the pulleys, levers, gears, power generation all work. But, I have had so many people ask me to make this kind of video that I decided I just had to do it.

In The Helix – you’ll learn how we warm up every part of the body, learn the theory of biomechanics when it comes to standing movement – the levers and pulleys. Then we will show you how to created movement efficiency, transmission, and transmission cycles (things I’ve never taught publicly). You’ll learn our stances, our movement in stances and why we utilize them. It’s a very indepth video.

In The Gear, you’ll learn how we work in relation to the ground. This is an awesome video – from rolls to exercises, we’ll study the levers, pulleys, gear wheels and how to make your body into a ground movement machine, creating transmissions and simple machines. There’s so many ways to roll and move we are taking it from simple to complex – if you’ve never rolled, or you’re an advanced ground movement person – you will learn from this video.

& – Combining The Helix and The Gear – making your movement seamless. Why do we call it ‘&’? Because it’s the and between vertical _ horizontal. This is what takes us between the two planes. How to go from standing to the ground, easy transitions, how to protect yourself while falling and reduce impact with the ground, direct your falling. You’ll truly learn why Matt always says, ‘The arm is the leg, the leg is the arm.’

We are very excited for this series – it’s a no BS approach to movement science and application. Look out for the preview coming soon!!!!

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