The Lever has arrived!!!!

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Welcome to ‘The Lever’, our newest video instructional!

Available December 5th for download – this is a sneak preview into ‘The Lever!

We are proud to bring this video to you and show you combatives like you have never seen!

Learn to create your own escape and locks using physics and mechanics!


Biomechanics and biomechanical theory
Scientific theory and explanation of levers
Open chains vs closed structures
Wrist grabs – single and double
Tactics and strategies for street and sport fights
Parallelogram of Forces – how to break joints!
Arm grabs – upper and lower arm
Defense against chokes
Defense against grabs from behind using a lever
Defense against strikes using a lever
Defense against kicks using a lever

And so much more….

Available for download December 5th, join the Pramek newsletter for 20% off your purchase!

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