The Screw has arrived!

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It’s here…The Screw!

Buy it and download it now! This makes The Lever look like child’s play with the content and drills!


The next video in Pramek’s UOS (Universal Operating System), ‘The Screw’ covers the simple machines of mechanical efficiency. This is a deep dive from the material covered in the ‘The Wedge’, where discussed the inclined plane, the wedge, and the screw in brief. With this hour plus video, we continue our quest for combative knowledge and mechanical theory.

Topics include:

Screw theory

Defense against grabs

Defense against strikes

Defense against chokes

Defense against shoves

Defense against kicks

Indepth discussion of using the arm and leg as screws to defense and attack

Indepth discussion of weapons disarms never explained in English language — if you have seen Russian weapons disarms, you will now learn the actual theories behind them, adapted by Pramek to our stance and the AR/M4.

And much more….learn more at!


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