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Hey everyone!

So, I wanted to get in an update before heading home tomorrow and spending the weekend filming and shooting.

I have three words for you: video growing pains. Every organization goes through them.

We have hired a new web firm that is amazing. You will see a lot of changes coming. Pramek.com is completely changing. Pramek SPIKE is done (just waiting for a few small changes).

Pramek videos….

The videos are up for download to our repeat customers and DLP groups. We are working out the final kinks and then the web firm will finalize the design. You will see it this coming week to be able to download at will.

SPIKE – this is an important project for me. The new site is awesome. But, deals we have been working on for months are finally coming through and finalizing to allow us to move forward in a mass manner.

Now, the videos: This weekend we are finishing some videos. You will also see a lot of new content…constant content….of videos for instruction which is showing Pramek as we release the videos.

We are trying to narrow our focus on very particular areas. Get the information into very small packages that are palatable for the next year of growth.

You’ll see after The Gear…Levers and Fulcrums. Then you’ll see a whole series that no one has shot before like we will.

All the while working on more videos.

The growing pains are finally being grown through to get us set up. I always knew 2011 would be a tough year, but didn’t want to wait until 2012 to begin releasing. I learned a long time ago it is better to just go ahead and get going now than wait for the perfect plan…because you end up with birth pains in the perfect plan anyway.

So, keep an eye out – especially next week into the week after – the site changes will be awesome 🙂 I’m excited for what we’re turning into.


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