When the stardom disappears….

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I often look at martial art instructors and ask myself this…

When the fanfare, military uniforms, camouflage, and video stardom all disappear…can their wife or daughter do it?

Yes, for a multitude of reason, we train in martial art.  To vent frustration, to have a good work out, to challenge ourselves….

But, today – I stood on the future firing line of the new Pramek video series on firearms, I was brought back to something I asked an instructor of SCARS back in 2002…

‘Can your wife do it?

There is no point in learning skills unless they are passed down generations, and more than likely, you will not only end up with a girlfriend or  a wife, but a daughter you must teach.  We must reach beyond our own ego and sense of personal fulfillment and look at our wives, partners, children, community and ask ourselves…’can what I am teaching be passed on’ and ‘can it make a difference in those dearest to me’s ability to survive?’

We all go to seminars that to our significant other make no sense.  I remember going to a class on Native American fighting styles, primarily the tomahawk and the Bowie knife and my girlfriend at the time asking me, ‘How do I use this?’

It’s a tough question…can they?

You, the reader, have to ask yourself, with all of my abilities, when push comes to shove and I’m not home…can they use this?

Survival is more than a lean to in the woods or a knot…it’s about lessons passed down to generations.

I know, at the end of the day, that all I teach can be passed down to women and those who are of less stature than myself…

And I know that our new Pramek instructors, all they teach, can be passed down…

When you look at what you are learning, I ask you the reader, can what you know be passed down?  Can all these physics, and methods, and pressure testing…can it be taught to those who need it when you aren’t around?

Our community in martial art…it is beyond you and I.  When the rapist comes calling, it’s the daughter going to college…it’s the son becoming a police officer or soldier when the enemy reveals himself…it’s your wife or partner who is walking to the car or in the house….

Pramek seeks to answer that question.

Look, I have been the seminars with amazing teachers…I have seen it, and been amazed.  But, what you learn, and what you show to a willing audience…dig deep  here my friends..can it be passed down?

In our new striking series we talk about knife hand chops, but never the spinning kick.

I know that what I teach can be passed on..and all of our new instructors, all they teach can save a life.

Can what you’ve learn save a life of the one you hold most dear?


One thought on “When the stardom disappears….

  1. Another excellent point Matt.
    I have loved ones that cant do much of what little I have learned.
    Its scary really.

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