2017…an announcement about Pramek.

2017…an announcement about Pramek.


2016 comes to an end and I wanted to give you a report on it and make some really important announcements.

This year you’ll notice was not an active year compared to years past.  2007-2015 were slammed with content, video releases, seminars, 200 videos on Youtube, manuals, instructors, coordination with great companies like Sage Dynamics and Spartan Training Gear…it was everything a student could want in a new martial art reveal to the world.  We got the UOS (Universal Operating System) out with a ton of science, the CLM 1, 2, and 3 released, various combatives videos showing the UOS in action, articles, podcasts.  The martial art world learned about Pramek and we opened clubs from the US to Europe to Russia, even some of the biggest gyms in the world took on our programs.

And then 2016 – only a handful of videos, articles, postings.  What happened?

Growth is what happened.  Growth means consolidating, finding the themes behind the successes, and some of our less than successful ventures.  This year I took the gas pedal off the floor and let it all sink in for everyone involved in Pramek and found some areas needing a lot of consolidating.  For example, our instructors began releasing videos, but what about branding?  Our organization grew by leaps and bounds, but it was still a personality based organization, that personality being me.  Our videos covered a lot of topics but what about the topics that weren’t covered, like breathing and relaxation, or grappling – and why finish those videos if there is no organized way moving forward to become certified to teach it?  CLM 4 has been ready to launch but how can people learn the CLM beyond just books and some videos, what about seminars?  We have instructors all over, but what about their seminars, areas of expertise.

This year marks two decades of my teaching and I found I wanted to focus on other topics close to my heart, which I began to do at Pastless.net.  I released two new non-martial art books and was a guest on a variety of podcasts.  This area of study and development has intrigued me for years so I began to focus on it as the organization ran itself, videos sold, but I declined seminars monthly to teach Pramek throughout the year and focused on other areas.  I was also coming off of some injuries needing healing that can’t be done with a heavy teaching schedule.  I am hands on, I get involved in seminars, I ‘Spartan’ up in training gear and fight to show Pramek works.  So, with multiple concussions giving me the equivalent of a migraine and vertigo each time I went in to teach, a bad shoulder injury, and an ankle injury needing surgery, my focus shifted to CLM and to enjoying non-Pramek life.  I also moved across the country, and found some joy in not having to have a training knife in my hand every week, or a camera in my face for hours on end every other weekend.  When you do something for a decade straight you come to a point that you say, ‘If I want to do this for three or four more decades, I need some time off.’  So, I took it and enjoyed wearing hiking boots instead of wrestling shoes, hiking poles instead of a knife or a gun.  I focused on getting ahead in a career I love, and writing for myself, and for projects like movies, and Pastless.

All the while thinking about 2017 and Pramek.

Meanwhile, great instructors kept on teaching, kept on pushing, kept on developing.  So, that’s 2016.

Alas, we come to 2017.

You just read a lot of ‘I’, but that is about to change.

Pramek has covered a lot of the spectrum, but for the traditional and competitive martial arts – we have done little other than provide the UOS.  So, in 2017, my dear friend David Dempsey, and Pramek student since 2005, will be taking the Pramek helm as the Director of Martial Art Training.  Dave, who lives in Detroit, will be taking over the martial art side of Pramek from me.  A little on Dave’ background:  He’s an Army veteran, and was a unit level MACP (Modern Army Combatives) instructor.  He’s trained extensively in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with his friend and mentor BJJ Black Belt and MACP Instructor, BJ Bradley.  BJ awarded him a Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu.  He’s still actively involved in BJJ through Grace Barra.  He is also a Combat SAMBO instructor under Michael Galperin and a lifetime member of the United States Combat SAMBO Federation (USCSA). Plus he’s got a background in Judo and trained extensively in Chinese martial arts like Xingyiquan and Taijiquan under the late Kelvin Stewart and Tim Cartmell.  There is no better person to introduce us to the greater martial art community at large and begin working to develop programs for the industry in which we are a part.  Pramek stands alone in our development of science and teaching programs.  But, that science and those programs need to reach more of the martial art world.  My love has always been combatives and science, it hasn’t been traditional ‘martial art’ or competition.  Personally, I couldn’t tell you how points are scored in competitive sambo or bjj matches and Dave has more belts in martial art than I actually own for my day-to-day and business wardrobe.  So, it only makes sense to have someone who understands that world become the face of Pramek for that world.  We don’t need more combatives videos right now, we need more of the basics and concepts of traditional arts and competition to bring Pramek to the martial art world, and CLM to make it all make sense.  Thus, you will see in 2017 Dave begin to take the reigns for a while – instructionals, newsletters, seminars he wants to teach, website posts, social media.  Dave will become the ‘face’ of Pramek to the martial art world this year and I think you’ll enjoy the direction he takes Pramek martial art development.    You can contact Dave at ddempsey@pramek.com.


In 2016 I asked Dr. John Landry to begin using his vast experience in martial art and organizations to format Pramek into an organization that is not based on ‘me’, but instead based on being an organization.  For many of our students, John needs no introduction.  But, some background on John.  John has an extensive background in the martial arts starting in 1974 in Judo.  He has black belts in Kaneshikan Aiki Hachido Shinjutsu Aiki Jutsu, Aikido and Tae Kwon Do; he has also studied: Judo, Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin Chuan, Shorei Ryu Karate, Wing Chun and Hapkido.  John has earned a Doctorate degree in Education and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration.   Active in law enforcement since 1988, he has been instructing law enforcement officers since 1995, and is certified to teach law enforcement firearms (rifles, shotguns, and pistols), defensive tactics, TASERs, chemical weapons, handcuffing, expandable batons, knife tactics, close combat, and officer survival.  John will be the Director of Organization for Pramek.  Definitions, organized paths of study, layouts for how one progresses in levels of Pramek…levels in Pramek, that’s a big thing.  He is nearing completion of this project and in 2017 we will reorganize Pramek to be about the system itself, not about me as the Founder.  At a certain point in the near future, this organization will be released and will be built on under his guidance.  He will also work closely with Dave and myself to create a martial art training program for Pramek. Considering his vast experience, John will also be taking over as Director of Law Enforcement Training.  He will be focusing on our law enforcement training efforts, combining his decades of years of law enforcement training experience with Pramek to bring new programs to the law enforcement world through various content such as manuals, seminars, and videos.  If you are an officer involved in Pramek, or want to certify in Pramek – you want to begin connecting with John.  You can contact John at jlandry@pramek.com


In 2017 I’ll be focusing primarily on CLM and CLM only.  Pramek’s Conceptual Learning Method is the Ios of the martial art world – there is nothing like it and right now it’s Ios 5, and needs to be Ios 10.  I thought of this methodology, spent years developing it, testing it, and it has made an impact on the martial art world – but not the impact it could have made.  I often lament that CLM is not as well-known as Human Equilibrium or ‘stab them in the face’ which I now understand to be a bit of a by-line for knife fighting.  It’s fun to go in and spend days and weeks coming up with an effective knife-fighting method that is realistic, but not as fun as creating CLM.  So, I’ll be focusing on CLM through CLM 4’s release, e-books on CLM topics from books 1, 2, 3, and 4.  I’ll be creating new videos on CLM (as well as some other topics), scheduling seminars on the CLM and teaching the teachers.  This will also free me up to work on other projects, like Pastless (which I think of as the Pramek of personal growth and self help’), writing other books, and some interesting projects I’ve got in the pipeline I’ve done little with for a decade.

We are working on a large Pramek weekend later in the year in New Mexico.  I don’t want to give away too many details, but it’ll be pretty amazing – you’ll want to be there when you see it announced.

As for videos, I can tell you this – they are on the way.

Pramek will become more than me, but don’t worry, I’m still here – working to make sure that the CLM and Pramek as an organization continues to lead the martial art world and now with Dave and John doing the same.  It’s been a wild ride for a decade now, and we must look to the future and everyone plays a role in the growing of an organization with the promise of Pramek.  I hope you’ll join us on this new road, and look for a role you can play – whether it’s written or video content, tagging Pramek in your Youtube or social media posts, or looking to become an instructor.

We’ll see you soon…

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