A great article from Pramek Instructor Level 1, Dennis Zijlstra, of Holland:

We train. We make jokes, and laugh.

We giggle while we punch, or get punched.We sweat. We train… and are having fun…each week again. The best part is that we are learning. By trail and error. By falling and getting up again. But most important: we evolve, as students of Pramek and as human beings, because we learn as a group and as individuals.

Martial Arts is more than going to class each week, doing mindless drills, copying what others do or say, or only to say that you do Martial arts. Martial Arts is about learning.

There are two types of people: those who react and those who take action.

Both are a choice.

If we make the right choice, than each that we walk on this earth we can learn a little more about ourselves and the world around us. It’s a choice that lots of people don’t make. Rather they respond on what others say or do instead of taking action to evolve as human beings, be it in what you love to do the most, or simply to become a better person.

We take action. Not perfect action. Hell no. As I said, we learn by trail and error. But we prevail. Why? Because we are having fun, willing to learn, and we can rely on… science.

Pramek is science, and science is our toolbox.

A hammer, a screw, a wedge, a manual about equilibrium.

It’s all there to play with, as students, engineers, and often as grown up kids just having fun with the cool toys that science provides us with.

Science is fun. Be a Martial Arts inspired nerd, go download an instructional video or jump on YouTube and watch Pramek for free. Call a friend, start training, email Matt – that’s how it all started for me – and start a class of your own. Science is your toolbox, but you are the one that needs to take the tools out of the toolbox and make it work.

Reaction or action.

Both are a choice!

Have fun!

Dennis Z.’

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