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Over 4 hours of instruction on Combative Striking, this video takes you from never having thrown a punch to the strategy of striking, how to move your body and footwork, as well as how to strike, drills for striking, and much more from the Pramek Adaptive Combatives view.


Video 1 – Theory
Mechanics of Striking
Biomechanics of Striking
Science of Impact
Contact vs. Impact in science
Differences between sport and combative striking
Physics of Power Generation
Distractions and Psychology
How to set goals
Strategies of striking
Tactics for controlling through striking
Human Physiology and Body weak points

Video 2 – Movement and Application
Safety and Equipment
Warm up exercises
Stances and stance explanation
Biomechanics and Movement
Movement exercises
Body placement
Breathing and breath control for energy and force
Movement drills for every part of the body in striking

Video 2 – Application
Purpose behind strikes
Ranges – long, medium, clinch, close
Hand placement and stance placement for optimal response and attack speeds
First resort combative strikes – the first strikes you need to know and the targets for them
Basic arm structure for striking
Strike adaptability – building on the first strike
Biomechanically efficient strikes such as jabs, upper cuts, cross, elbows
How to throw a powerful elbow using biomechanics
Back hand strike
Rotational and screwing movements
Doubling and tripling up strikes – how to strike quickly using biomechanics
Wedging for strikes

Video 3 – Application and Bonus Footage
Distraction and manipulation of psychology
How to dissipate force from a strike
How to desensitize to impact to the face and body
Breathing while being struck
Classroom footage demonstrating how class in Pramek are run
Extra lecturing and outtakes

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