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The Martial Art Ultimate Science Collection.

Take the science of the UOS anywhere you go with the new online course.

Featuring the following products:

  • CLM 1 and CLM 2, to understand how our science works
  • Organize the Fight, see the CLM in action
  • 25% Rule:  Learn the science of efficiency
  • The Pulse:  Weaponize your movement with the pulse
  • HEQ:  Human Equilibrium (& manual):  The product that changed an entire industry
  • Function:  3 hours of kinematic instruction
  • The Lever:  The science of leverage
  • The Wedge (& manual):  Our first video and still most popular
  • The Screw:  New drills and exercises for combat 

This is over 9 hours of instruction with multiple manuals included. 

Also includes new content from Matt talking about the videos, how they were created, and many more!

Whether you’re a black belt or just learning the basics, this course will change your mind toward martial art and science!!!

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