EP 28: The Grey Fox with Steve Aryan

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP28: The Grey Fox with Steve Aryan


A mainstay in the firearms and training community, Steve Aryan is an instructor with the student’s mind. Running multiple companies, Steve is an entrepreneur, teacher, and innovator with his own thoughts on training and how newcomers to any industry can get ahead.

Combining his experience from Grey Fox Security with his time as a competition shooter, Steve offers a unique view on teaching and training for reality.



This week Matt discusses advice to new comers and talks to Steve about:
– Close protection lessons from Africa with Greyfox Security
– The circles of plausibility in training
– What every newcomer and instructor should know about teaching
– Learning from others and how teaching is it’s own lesson
– Rice krispie treats, guns, and much more…

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