EP 31: Changing Mindset with Dr. John Landry

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP 31: Changing Mindset with Dr. John Landry

drlandryWith over 20 years in law enforcement, martial art, and a PhD…Dr. John Landry is a source of knowledge like few others.

From beat cop to police academy director, researcher to PhD, Dr. Landry has developed a variety of programs with the science and mindset of survival in mind.

Discussing his Non-Ballistic Deadly Force program, as well as the upcoming Pramek-TLT program, Dr. Landry will have you rewinding and listening to what he says.

This week Matt talks with Dr. Landry about:
– DT vs evolution: the nature of law enforcement training
– What is the nature of fighting and violence
– Why fighting matters and when you may not be able to use your weapons
– What kind of knife you should carry, karate in the streets, and much more…

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