EP25: The Psychiatry of Combat

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP25: The Psychiatry of Combat with Dr. Brad Johns 

Dr. Brad Johns is a nationally known psychiatrist who brings a different point of view to combat training. With a second degree black belt as well as a a leader in Bando, Dr. Johns brings a perspective few have the education and experience to match in training for combat and sport.

Dr. Johns years studying have given him a unique perspective on your ego and sense of self – and how it makes you the martial artist, fitness enthusiast, professional, or shooter you are.

This 2 hour long episode will have you rewinding, pausing, Googling, and most of all – changing your thoughts on training, violence, and medicine.

This week Matt the distraction of the internet, and talks to Dr. Johns about:
– The ego and id, self, and how our higher mind can affect combative training
– Understanding how we can take control of our reactions today by understanding simple concepts
– How our past dictates our present and how we can get past bad experiences and use good ones
– The nature of the psychotic lone wolf killer – and can they be prepared for?
– Signal anxiety, creating the right mental models to react to threats and attacks
– PTSD, fast cars, Harvard weather, and so much more on Pramek Radio….

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2 Replies on EP25: The Psychiatry of Combat

  • Muncy Zuber says:

    Great Interview with Dr. Johns, it affirmed some things I already believed but also taught me many more I had not even thought of, yet!
    While listening it seemed like, Ya’ll were kind of the Lt. Col Dave Grossman of Martial Arts (High Praise from me).
    By the way, your Striking Videos are OUTSTANDING- Much LEARNING still to do!!!!

    • Admin says:

      Thank you!!!!
      That’s a big compliment and big shoes.
      Spread the word…
      BTW, Esik is on this week and Kelly McCann is on the week after!!!!!

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