EP38: Reclaiming Control

[su_note note_color=”#d3d3d3″] EP 38: Reclaiming Control

Matt PowellIs masculinity under attack? Are men truly in control of their lives?

On this episode Matt discusses the defining characteristic of a good martial artist…and person: control. From the nature of how we lose control to how we can reclaim it, Matt shows your the obstacles to your own control…from your boss to your brain.

With things you can do today to take back control to the worst hangover ever, we dig deep into the concept of what control truly is.

On this episode Matt discusses:

– The obstacles to masculinity in today’s society
– The way you see the world…and why it’s stopping you from being in control.
– How self-control gives you the edge, even when you don’t control the environment.
– 4 ways you can regain control over your life starting today.
– Sarah Jamieson, why martial art is the ultimate expression of learning, banana bread beer, and so much more…

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