Exploring the core of martial art

The hardest part of martial art training is understanding how it helps you and why you are in the class.  Sure, class is fun – you get to hang out, train, develop a community, and if you’re really good (or just want to try) you get to compete.

But, when it comes to work and your boss, your friends and family, your outlook on life – somehow martial art often falls short.  How do you apply the skills on the mat to your every day life?  Outside of learning the grit to keep going or the focus to learn the techniques…martial art often comes up short in the competition of life.  Injuries pile up, there never seems to be enough time to train, internal competitions and jealousy – or frustration with the politics of training – begin to take their toll.  The longer you train the more the challenges of applying the skills you learn become more apparent.

At Pramek we understand these challenges and while other arts dig in on their training and looking for ways that their art applies to life, we began to focus on the root of the matter…confidence and purpose.

Unknown to many, Matt not only developed Pramek, but he maintains a full-time corporate career – acting as an well-known executive in the business world for two decades.  A popular speaker at conference and on podcasts, Matt applies Pramek concepts like the CLM daily in the business world.  From developing and running business units at the world’s largest security integrator to running an AI company, Matt has managed multi-million dollar businesses, leading teams, and learning to apply Pramek to life and the business world.  This led Matt to begin taking the lessons-learned from corporate life to focus Pramek not only on martial art but also how the study of martial art, specifically Pramek, to the real world.

This experience – developing Pramek and leading in the business community led Matt to understand that the skills needed to excel in both are grounded in two concepts:

  1. Confidence and Purpose
  2. The Application of Confidence and Purpose

Drawing on two decades of teaching seminars around the world, Matt discovered the primary challenge every study has in transitioning their skills from the gym to life was understanding how to integrate the two.  A student must not be told to ‘be confident’ and instead must be taught what confidence actually is from a root level.  This begins at the fundamental understanding of what the study of what martial art actually is and then expanding these lessons through being taught what confidence is at its origin:  the manifestation of ability and capability.

Eureka!…or something like it.

Pramek focuses on the sciences behind martial art and applying the theory of the science through out movement.  From levers to equilibrium, neurology to biomechanics, Pramek is a deep dive into theory and movement, combining the two into an application…or what some might call, techniques.

Additionally, we remain one of the premier martial art education systems in the world – publishing the CLM and the most pedagogical documents of any martial art in the world.  The CLM guides the student and teacher through their journey in martial art – making each stage of development understandable and achievable.  Partnering with a variety of researchers, such as adult learning theorist Dr. John Landry and others, the methodology of Pramek is a study of it’s own and applies to any martial art.

But, teaching around the world for many years, Matt had his own ‘Eureka!’ moment.  While researching for the CLM, Matt did a poll of over 500+ students from around the globe asking two questions:

  1. Have you ever been told to be ‘more confident’ in a martial art class?
  2. Did the teacher every instruct you on how to be more confident?

When over 95% of respondents stated ‘yes’ to the first and ‘no’ to the second, Matt realized that martial art instruction had a problem at it’s core – confidence, or, a lack thereof.

Finding the core

When a dying friend, who also studied Pramek, told Matt there was more to Pramek than ‘punching someone in the face’, Matt turned his focus toward the dying wishes of his friend and wrote his first personal development book, ‘UNDO:  How to Undo the Past and Plan Your Future’.  The fire of helping to develop students beyond the gym was lit.

Looking to do what he had done with popularizing the science of martial art, Matt set out to do the same with ‘confidence’.  We use ‘confidence’ in quotes because the poll had shown that no one really knew what confidence was.  But, we here at Pramek figured out…if you could define it, you could develop a path to it…and then you could achieve it.

Matt set out on a 4-year odyssey of studying confidence – from Werner Erhard to Jim Huling, he studied and talked with some of the authorities on personal development and confidence.  Devouring books from authors, taking classes, attending lectures and seminar, over 4 years Matt took the principles of the CLM and Pramek and applied them to personal development.

A 5 hour video course named Confidence was born of this effort.  Confidence is one of the most indepth studies of the concepts of confidence in the personal development world.  The course became an instant with students and on Udemy, where it was originall released with hundreds of attendees and a 4.95 average rating before we took it down from Udemy and made it exclusive to Pramek.com (and now, Patreon).

Anyone who has ever sent their child to a karate class has been told their child will become more ‘confident’ – with this course, Matt had not only found the core of martial art but, just like equilibrium and levers, he also developed a methodology for teaching it.

Now, it was time to integrate the two kinds of knowledge – martial art and confidence….which, we will cover in Part 2 of this series on the core of martial art, and how we discovered and teach it:  confidence.

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