Life is out to kill you.

Biologically, we change, we age, we get injuries.

Psychologically, life is full of stressors and stress kills.

In terms of danger, life is full of threats like crime.

Martial art only applies to one of these three primary threats to your life.

At Pramek – we practice Self-Defense Against Life, or SDAL. We train for the biological, psychological, and danger threats faced by students every day

Harnessing two decades of martial art education and ground-breaking personal development programs, Pramek focuses on a full education of students.

SDAL begins with Confidence…

How we integrate into everyday life

We contend to two points on well-being:

  1. Martial art and the combative realm is the best place for students to attain their ideal level of physical fitness.
  2. The training room and physical combat training is the optimal place to test and develop Confidence.

But, many martial art systems lack the ability to transfer Confidence from the training room to everyday life.  This is where Pramek’s Pastless Methodology, educating students on how to achieve peak performance in their lives, jobs, and relationships takes place.

Pramek is a combined study, addressing the mental and physical fitness of students.  We combine the study of our Pastless Methodology, which addresses the daily challenges students face with our Martial Art methodology through teaching Pramek as a combatives and movement system.

The Study of SDAL

SDAL, or Self-defense Against Life is a method of leveraging the science of Pramek to train students on parallel paths.  The student learns both combative skill and life skill with each bolstering the strength of the other.  Engaging in self-defense training strengthens the mental and physical abilities and capabilities of the student.  Engaging in the Pastless materials assists the student in learning life skills such as organization, confidence, and finding purpose.

A distracted student is an ineffective student.

When a student is disorganized in their life, lacks fortitude in dealing with daily situations such as their job or relationships, or lacks a purpose and sense of drive…the student will not reach their full potential in their martial art journey.

Conversely, when a student lacks the certainty that they are able to defend themselves and the people around them, or suffers from chronic ailments such as lack of flexibility, their innate sense of being and their confidence is eroded as they are unable, as we say, to own the ground they stand on.

We view martial art as a life-long study – so we apply it holistically to life.

By encouraging students to take on both studies, we find students to be more focused, to find more places to test themselves in, and the challenge their skills in places never-before approached by traditional martial art.

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