What is Pramek combatives?

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Creating a Thinking Warrior.
As we evolve and society progresses, technology, or knowledge, changes. For two decades the study of emotional intelligence was barely studied in martial art…today that knowledge has revolutionized how martial art is taught.  In 2005 Matt Powell stated in an article,
‘…Information is like technology, in the way that a microchip is technology that is part of an overall computer…without the technology, the computer will not function.  Combative training, or any training, is very similiar.  It has basic elements that make up a whole.  A microchip can make a computer in a hospital or a cruise missile work…it’s a matter of how we weaponize technology. A warrior must be able to utilize technology…’
When a warrior understands the concepts behind technology, like physics or movement, they become a thinking warrior.  Adaptive Combatives combines martial art training with the Conceptual Learning Method Program, the most innovative training program to be taught in decades within the martial art and combatives world.
We teach Pramek through videos, manuals, and seminars.  Each build upon each other, but each can be studied on their own.  Our videos give a new point of view on combatives, our manuals break down the science of learning and physics, and the seminars bring it together in real time with the adjustments of a teacher.

Against the Wall
What if you were trapped?  In your house?  In your vehicle.  In our Against the Wall Series, Matt Powell shows your the science and combatives of fighting in confined spaces.
Using science, street proven methods, and intelligent violence Matt shows your the basics for surviving in the worst situation – trapped in a corner.


What is the Science of Martial Art?
Teaching a petite woman to fight like a large man makes little sense.
One must adapt what they are learning to their abilities.
Adaptive Combatives uses a process called ‘imprinting.’ Imprinting teaches the student how to adapt fighting methods to their own ability…creating their own way of surviving that fits the student.
This is done with science – the lever, the screw, human equilibrium, the wedge…true science.


Can you move when it counts?
Imagine if you could move quickly, efficiently, gracefully…with power and intent.
Standing up, falling, on the ground – it didn’t matter.
With The Helix & The Gear Series, you’ll learn to be coordinated no matter where the world takes you or who you face.


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  1. Greetings , I’m interested in training with yourself as well as investing in any DVD s you may have available. I will be in your area towards the end of June and am curious regarding availability of group classes along with some privates .
    Thank You in advance , my ph# is 281-33-8300 / Don Mac Kay

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