Had a lot of people ask me…’Matt, when will we see new content?’
So, let me be candid – two decades in, and with Pramek at more than a decade now, I needed to take the early part of this year to get Pastless.net launched. It’s been an exciting few months, releasing two new personal growth books, one of which you can get for free at Pastless and one that is on sell at Amazon now. I’m gearing up for a lot more with Pastless. I think after hundreds of videos, four books, and tons of seminars spanning the US, Canada, and Europe – and more than my share of injuries – I earned a little R&R from Pramek to take it’s lessons and bring it to a new audience.  Have no doubt that the lessons of Pramek are being applied in a new direction in Pastless. Pramek is in my blood, something that defines much of who I am in mind, body, and spirit. But it has grown beyond what I thought of in 2003 when I was figuring out how people learned a wedge and later became what you know today.  That required my time to nourish.
Our instructors have been taking up the slack, teaching their classes around the globe, and I am more than excited at what they are producing.

But, we have reached a critical mass where Pramek is officially moving beyond my guidance to give way to the guidance of others. Every system reaches this point and while many systems crumble in quality under the weight of handing the reigns to instructors…because of the CLM, we don’t have to worry about that.  CLM ensures our quality.

In the coming months you’ll be introduced to a variety of instructors in the US and Europe making their own videos – some with me, some without me. They’ll be covering Pramek from their point of view…from the hardened experienced of a life-long police officer to the finesse of a life-long former-military martial art expert, to the changing difficulties of Europe through our European instructors teaching.
For me – I have begun to move beyond a ‘punch someone in the nose’ kind of martial art. Tens of thousands of you saw it coming.  When we released Defense Around Vehicles I felt we had truly hit our stride, and with Organizing the Fight, I knew the CLM was something that any martial artist could grab a hold of our principles and run with in theory.  Many arts that rely on theory fall short in the combative arena – but there is a reason companies like Onnit with all of the UFC fighters work with Pramek…our theory works.  I’ve had a lot of systems around the world contact me, asking me to sell Pramek, asking that I sell the CLM, write for them so they could push their systems further.  I’m open to helping any system further themselves…but Pramek, Pramek is ours.  It’s you and I’s legacy, from the terrible DVD launches, bad websites, and horrible videos on Youtube.  We’ve come into our own as teacher and student, and as you know CLM 3 – that is interchangeable.

I am so proud of our work so far.  We did something a lot of systems said we couldn’t, they trolled us, made fun of us, but in the end, our student base would make any system beg for who we have 12744736_1044319662307149_2530447328896012255_nthat study us…people like you.  We struck the fine balance between theory, movement, and application. In my mind, in many ways, what I set out to do has been done…I wanted the world to know what a few guys in a garage could create if they saw through the mysticism and focused on the science.  But, now I want to put Pramek on a cruise control. I will be sitting back, working on the CLM, breathing videos, psychology videos, and other necessary videos about the intricacies of combatives while our instructors continue to develop the physical and theoretical side.

By combining their experience with our science we will show the combatives world something it has not seen…deep theory, not just basic medical theory, but deep physics and mechanics works.
And with CLM 4 we will launch an entirely new way of teaching that no one has broached before. Something that took me two decades to figure out…and something I truly believe will rock the martial art world like Breaking Balance did.

So, fear not my Pramek friends and brothers and sisters…we are just hitting our stride.

A new stride, where you don’t have to look at my smiling face all the time, but see new smiling faces of experienced warriors and teachers who are taking up our mantle and ready to show what happens when you combine our methods with their experience.

It’s an exciting time…and I can’t wait to experience it with you.
– Matt

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